Republican talk about fraud in Florida

On Sunday, Republican officials accused, without proof, the democrats of fraud in Florida in the wake of the launch of a new count of votes, further exacerbating a climate already very tense.

Five days after the election, the state of the southeastern United States is still waiting to know the identity of its new senator, who will sit with Marco Rubio, the other representative of Florida in the Senate.

According to the latest count, Republican Rick Scott ahead of Democrat Bill Nelson by 12,562 votes, 0.15 percentage points (50.07% against 49.92%).

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner on Saturday ordered a recount of votes for the poll and the appointment of the state governor, as stipulated by the electoral code.

“Sen. (Democrat Bill) Nelson is clearly trying to defraud to win this election,” said Rick Scott in a Fox interview on Sunday about his competitor, who was already sitting in the upper house of Congress.

Pressed to give evidence, Rick Scott, who is currently governor of Florida, mentioned the fact that “93 000 ballots” had been “found” after the end of the poll.

He seemed to be referring to the fact that some counties, notably the Democratic majority of Broward, had raised the number of ballots in the aftermath of the election.

On Sunday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham also assured that the Broward County Electoral Commission had “violated” the electoral code.

Saturday, Donald Trump himself had hinted that the Democrats were trying to “steal” the election in Florida, without substantiating his accusations.

“There is no fraud,” said Democrat House leader Nancy Pelosi, interviewed on CBS Sunday.

In addition to the “found” newsletters, Rick Scott also lashed out at Bill Nelson’s lawyer, who asked for the validation of a bulletin filed Tuesday by a non-US citizen.

This request was actually made by Marc Elias, the Nelson campaign lawyer, but Rick Scott did not say that Bill Nelson had condemned this, assuring that he had not been warned beforehand.

Rick Scott also said on Sunday that Bill Nelson’s campaign committee had called for “fraudulent” ballots to be counted.

These are ballots for which the signature does not match the one recorded for these electors.

The Nelson campaign argues that the verification process itself is “unreliable” and violates the Constitution by compelling voters to discriminate.

“Bill Nelson is a bad loser,” said Rick Scott, whose campaign again went to court on Sunday to prevent the reports from being counted. “We won.”

The Democratic senator counter-attacked Sunday, accusing his rival of disrupting the smooth running of the electoral process.

According to Bill Nelson, Rick Scott “is afraid that once all the ballots are counted, he loses this election”.

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