Judge Kavanaugh pleads his case in a letter to the Wall Street Journal

In an opinion letter to be published Friday in the Wall Street Journal, controversial US Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh claims to be “an impartial and independent judge.”

Criticized for the anger he showed last Friday in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee to respond to allegations of sexual assault, Kavanaugh justifies his “passionate” testimony by the unjustified attack on his reputation.

The one that the Democratic senators questioned about his drinking and the treatment of women during his youth regrets that his school career was “ridiculously distorted”.

The allegations of psychology researcher Christine Blasey Ford, who claims to have been sexually assaulted by him during their teenage years, led the Senate Judiciary Committee to hear the two protagonists. Excluding any misunderstanding about the identity of her alleged abuser, she told the senators that Brett Kavanaugh was obviously intoxicated, so many allegations fiercely denied by the judge.

Acknowledging he had a “bitter tone” and said “some things he should not have said,” he wrote that it is “possible” that he was sometimes “too emotional”. He says he has testified with five people in mind: his parents, his wife and especially his daughters.

At times, my testimony, both in my opening statement and in the answers to the questions that were put to me, reflected the deep frustration at being falsely accused, without corroboration, of a horrible conduct that is entirely contrary to my balance sheet and my personality.

Brett Kavanaugh, Supreme Court candidate
“A good judge must be a neutral arbitrator and an impartial adjudicator who favors no political party, no party to litigation or no policy,” he writes, assuring that he is this type of magistrate.

During his testimony, a sometimes visibly angry Brett Kavanaugh, sometimes struggling to hold back his tears, said he was the victim of a campaign of smearing fueled by anger at President Trump. He accused the Democrats of being ready to do anything to scuttle his appointment to the Supreme Court.

“I will always strive to be a team player”

Defining the Supreme Court as the “last bastion for the separation of powers and the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution,” he argues that a judge must be independent and not influenced by pressure from public opinion.

The highest court in the country “should never be seen as a partisan institution,” he adds, promising to be a “team player.”

“If the Senate confirms my appointment to the Supreme Court, I will keep an open mind in all cases and will always strive to preserve the US Constitution and the rule of law,” he said.

That a candidate for the Supreme Court publishes a letter to plead his candidacy is unusual. The judge also gave an interview to the Fox News Network, another unprecedented step for a magistrate aspiring to the highest court in the country.

criticized behavior

Democrats have criticized Brett Kavanaugh’s behavior during the hearings, but they are not the only ones.

In an unusual gesture for a retired Supreme Court justice, John Paul Stevens indicated, after supporting Judge Kavanaugh, that he had changed his mind. Appointed by a Republican President, former Judge Stevens felt that his appearance during his testimony before the Judiciary Committee of the Senate last week should disqualify him.

In an open letter published in the New York Times , more than 2,400 law professors argued that Brett Kavanaugh lacks the independence and “legal temperament” to serve in the country’s Supreme Court.

Based on the FBI’s investigation into sexual allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the Republicans intend to speed up the process of his appointment to the Supreme Court within the next 48 hours. To the chagrin of the Democrats, who denounce an incomplete investigation.

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