inmate is executed in the electric chair for the first time in five years

A man from Tennessee, in the United States , who murdered two people in 1984 was executed on Thursday in the electric chair. He is the first inmate to be executed that way in the last five years in the country.

The last words of Edmund Zagorski, 63, were: “We are going to rock”.

Reporter Adam Tamburin, of the Tennessean newspaper, described Zagorski with a smile on his face until a sponge and a helmet were placed on his face. Then he grimaced, he said.

Jason Lamb, a reporter for CNTV’s WTVF, said Zagorski wore white prison pants and a yellow shirt. He appeared to make gestures with his left hand while being prepared for electrocution.

Relatives of the two men who were killed by Zagorski witnessed the execution. They decided not to talk to the media.

Zagorski was pronounced dead at 8:26 pm ET. His last-minute appeal to the Supreme Court was denied.

Why is the electric chair still an option?

Zagorski’s electrocution was the first in the United States since 2013, when the state of Virginia executed a man who killed two people that way.

Nine states of the United States consider death by electric chair as an alternative to lethal injection. In 2014, Tennessee was the first state to make the use of the electric chair mandatory when substances for a lethal injection are not available.

In 2007, Daryl Holton, who murdered his three young children and his ex-wife’s daughter, chose to be executed in the electric chair.

Before the execution of Holton, Tennessee had not used the electric chair in 47 years.

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