California wildfire Status: New Challenge arises in rebuilding

california wildfire status

California Wildfire which killed 80+ people and 200+ people were missing is one of the deadliest wildfires in the history. According to the latest status update from the center regarding the California Wildfire, it is very challenging and difficult one for the survivors to rebuild as 145,000+ lost their homes and claiming insurance will be a major hassle. Some of those who escaped the flames only to find themselves homeless are expected to be allowed to return to inspect their properties as early as next week. Many will find themselves essentially starting over, facing months or even years of rebuilding and seeking compensation for their losses.

Insurance teams began gathering in Chico in the early days of the fire that erupted on Nov. 8 and rapidly engulfed Paradise about 20 minutes away and surrounding communities.

california wildfire status

Working out of truck trailers, temporary tents and recreational vehicles in mall parking lots, and equipped with generators and satellite communications, insurance adjusters say they have been stymied in part by a ban on flying drones over what is left of the town of 27,000. Insurers responding to natural disasters typically use drones to obtain 360-degree views of damage when access is limited. But the drones have been restricted as crews work to clear downed trees and power lines, as well as burn debris and restore infrastructure.


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