Brazil: Lula will not run for president

Former President Luiz Inacio “Lula” da Silva officially resigned on Tuesday to be a candidate for the October 7 presidential election in Brazil and handed over to his running mate, Fernando Haddad, who officially becomes the candidate of the Workers’ Party ( PT).

The president of the group, Senator Gleisi Hoffmann, announced the decision to Lula supporters massed near the headquarters of the federal police in Curitiba, a city in southern Brazil where Lula has been serving a 12-year prison sentence for corruption since April. .

Lula remains by far the most popular political figure, despite the corruption scandals that plagued her. At the end of August, the Supreme Electoral Court declared him ineligible under the law “Ficha Limpa” (blank register) which excludes from the presidential election candidates who have been convicted on appeal for corruption.

A Supreme Court justice last week dismissed Lula’s appeal of the decision on the basis of a recommendation by the UN Commission on Human Rights that he be allowed to be candidate.

The Supreme Electoral Court had given the PT until Tuesday night to present a presidential candidate to replace Lula.

Lula finally decided that the time had come to pass the baton to his running mate Fernando Haddad on Tuesday, rather than risking to see the votes in favor of the latter invalidated by the electoral court if this deadline was not respected.

Market worries

Lula, founder of the PT, whose electoral strategy he still determines from his prison cell, has maintained the principle of his candidacy as long as possible, hoping that the postponement of votes would be better towards Fernando Haddad, former mayor of Sao Paulo, who is virtually unknown in many parts of Brazil.

A survey of the Datafolha Institute conducted on Monday suggests that the postponements of voices are already a reality. Voting intentions in favor of Fernando Haddad have indeed increased from 4% to 9%, the largest increase from one survey to another among the 13 candidates running for the presidential election.

The same survey also shows that another left-wing candidate, Ciro Gomes, former governor and former finance minister, also recorded a significant increase, from 10% to 13%.

The right-wing candidate Jair Bolsonaro, in the lead, increases his lead by two points, to 24%, in the last delivery of this poll, less than the net rebound expected by many after the stabbing attack of which he was victim last Thursday.

As for the center-right candidate Geraldo Alckmin, another former mayor of Sao Paulo, he is credited with 10% of the voting intentions.

The investigation conducted Monday confirms that Bolsonaro would be beaten in the second round, regardless of the candidate he faces, except for Fernando Haddad, with which he would be on par with perfect.

The possibility of a victory for the left-wing candidate in the second round raised concern over the Brazilian financial markets on Tuesday. The real yielded nearly 2% against the dollar, and the Bovespa index of the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange fell by 2.4% in afternoon trading.

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